Are you feeling stressed?

Had a bad day at work?

Or do you just fancy treating yourself?

Well Joanna’s Holistic Treatment Clinic is the place to be.


Consisting of private one to one treatments which include Indian Head massage, Aromatherapy, and Reflexology, Hopi Ear Candling. NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) is an new treatment on special offer which will help you conquer your fears and have the life that you desire.


Fully insured | Treatments offered to women



"I was a bit nervous having a hopi candle treatment but Joanna was very calm and professional and explained each step as we went along which put me at ease. After the treatment I felt relaxed, calm and my head felt clearer. Joanna also gave me a mini facial to help drain the ears, which was very relaxing and my head feels lighter and my mind clearer."   -Jacky from Barnet
"When I go to see Joanna, I always feel very welcome. Joanna's facial makes me feel very relaxed and calm and I have noticed my skin is looking fresher and the tension in my face is beginning to disappear. The hand massage is also very relaxing and I come out of Joanna's floating on air. I feel calm, relaxed and energised."  -Jacky
"Joanna I felt so relaxed after the treatment, I want to book another one when I get a chance."   -T.J. From Palmers Green
"That was the most thorough aromatherapy treatment I have ever had."   -S.A. from Hendon Joanna
"Joanna You have helped me move forward with my life, You are wonderful. Thank you So much."   -A.F. Greece